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Magnet Medical Coding

Medical Coding

All health care organization demands a fast and proficient submission of patient’s information while processing insurance.

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Magnet Medical Coding

Medical Billing

Submission of all the medical bills and getting the reimbursement on every medical claim on time without delay

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Magnet Medical Coding

Account Receivable

All health care providers own a remarkable asset i.e. accounts receivable services because without this management system

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Magnet Medical Coding

Coding Training

A trained medical professional is the one who takes health care industry to the great heights and the skills which he holds

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Medical Billing and Coding Company : An Innovative Medical Approach towards Better Health

We provide proven and absolute solutions for all medical services, so that every individual is able to enjoy the opportunity to receive qualitative medical help from one of the top leading medical billing and coding company, Magnet Medical Coding Solutions.

  • A tailor- made process to each client’s policies and protocols
  • A systematic process to identify documentation issues
  • Optimization in revenue system while reducing compliance risk
  • Reduction in administrative burden and expenses
  • Coherent workflow management system
  • Increase in cash flows by improving claims submission
  • Magnet Medical Coding

    We carry out various Medical Coding Training Online as well as Medical Billing and Coding Certification

    Our skilled, qualified Healthcare professionals and experts are dedicated to provide best medical coding training online. We completely understand the varied requirements of our clients and endeavor to cater their individual healthcare expectations.

    Our team of every Certified Medical Coders and Billers are always on hand to provide quality service to our clients as well as medical billing and coding certification to the aspirants. Our staff will make sure that the complete process of medical billing and practice management, right from booking an appointment to finally setting up of bills to run smoothly and without any major disturbances


    We provide assistance in
    various directions

    RCM maintainance
    Denial Handling Services

    It is with Magnet Medical Coding Solutions that your business will achieve exponential heights because we are the top most priorities in providing outsourcing experience to our clients in Denial Handling Services. We work with robust technology, commitment towards quality, and absolute customer satisfaction.

    Education & Training
    Job Training

    Magnet Medical Coding Solutions provide top class training from highly skilled medical professionals within all International Standards with demand in profession. Now is the time to invest for your better health education with us. Training sessions provide an assured placement in the best Companies anywhere in India and UAE.

    Recruitment Training

    As most respected and renowned employers in the country require well trained educated candidates for health care industry and we recommend those students only. An effective medical coding consultation is also provided by our experts because it is our values and confidence that makes our recruitment services perfect.

    Magnet Medical Coding

    High-Class Medical Billing and Coding Specialists Are Ready To Help You at Any Time

    Contact us in any suitable way and get an assured consultation from our certified medical billing and coding specialist who will assist you according to your requirement. Visit us at any time and get all your queries solved with Magnet Medical Coding Solutions

    Reach Us Anytime


    Magnet Medical Coding

    Reema Choudhary

    Magnet Medical Coding Solutions is just an amazing and added benefit for our Billing and Coding Staff. They are really helpful in providing such services at economical prices. The team constantly keeps a check on all medical necessity. When it comes to the Medical and Healthcare Industry changes, the company likes this have cutting edge technology in providing all coding solutions.-

    Magnet Medical Coding

    Mr. Rajiv Mishra

    We found Magnet Medical Coding Solutions, a most open and innovative revenue cycle management system service provider because they are committed to their work very well. We feel they are way ahead of the competition when it comes to developing new features and technical advancement. The company will take you to the next step in health care industry

    Magnet Medical Coding

    Anju Malhotra

    Why we like Magnet Medical Coding Solutions? It is because they are productive and efficient in researching codes and payments. As transparency is crucial to their business, they provide an easy access to their clients. They have a professional medical experts who provide high class medical coding training

    Magnet Medical Coding

    Ajay Khanna

    When considering Denial Handling services, Magnet Medical Coding Solutions approach to process performance is inspirational and great. The team did a great job in providing all kinds of RCM services with quick turnaround time